Future World
Workshop Offerings

The Authors are available for workshops and will also facilitate workshops where individuals become informed about how we can manage ourselves optimally in times to come. The workshops are discussions and not lectures.

The aim of these workshops is to help people make up their own minds about the way they see the future unfold in their lives, their businesses, and their working environment. The authors act as soundboards and not as teachers, preachers, or lecturers. We must all make up our own minds. It is a process, and the best way to do it is to test your thinking (and our thinking) through discussions.


Families are under pressure, and this will increase. Know the challenges.What about technology and children? What about retirement and dependence? How to cope with the new inability to launch amongst so many young people? Why are there so many new challenges? The divorce rate, depression, anxiety, drug abuse, and domestic violence. How do we protect our family against the threats of a future world?

Personal Future

Every individual face serious challenges as the future unfolds. Unemployment, retirement funds that will not be sustainable, water shortages, energy shortages, food shortages, and unforeseen health and security risks. How do we live without being trapped in unforeseen circumstances with serious challenges that we could avoid if we just knew what to expect? This workshop includes personal risk analysis, emergency planning, and networking security.

Future Business

The fourth industrial revolution can easily close a small enterprise. But it is an opportunity like never before. There are a few challenges that entrepreneurs must understand and implement. The good news is that most of these changes are easy and can be done with a relatively low budget. It would be best if you adopted a way of thinking. This is what the workshop will teach you: To think Industry Four focused.

Future Business
Large Corporates

The fourth industrial revolution could be the biggest threat while offering the biggest business opportunities. There are a few critical points that business leaders will have to embrace. Some of these are very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the future doesn’t care about our discomfort. This workshop will test your future paradigm; we will plot it visually and show you how to shift. The success of big companies is a leadership issue. This one-day workshop is seriously different and extremely challenging.


Understanding the shift in the way people believe in God. How to positively engage future people with the message of Jesus. The future of the Christian faith is that of diversity and individually unique. What should we do to serve faith communities in the Christian faith? Every congregation will be different.

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