Personal Development
Future Workshops

The authors will host seven Personal Development Future Workshops aimed at
those who want to be informed, prepared, and ready for things to come. Once
you’ve read our book, you will become aware that our world will change
significantly in the future.

We must, however, be honest; we can’t always be ready
for everything that will come our way. But we can be as prepared as possible.
There will be seven workshops. We have 20 seats if you prefer to attend in person,
and we have 20 seats for those who can’t attend in person but would like to
attend on Zoom. Herewith are the themes.

The Big
Picture Trends

This session frames the workshops for the year. What are the big things we expect? These are changes that will have a profound effect on every person on earth. What are they? How do we prepare for these changes, and how do we adapt?


We will either change the way we do things voluntarily, or the changing world will change our lives for us. Which one do you prefer? This workshop wants you to decide on an optimal lifestyle to absorb and benefit from the changes we anticipate.

My Job, my Business, and my Financials

Many people will say: ‘I didn’t see this coming.’ What then? The problem is that things can happen so quickly that we won’t have time to reinvent ourselves. Knowing this is much better. Why? We buy time to adapt, reinvent and prepare.

Society and the structures in which we live in our different communities

We all know what Covid did to our social needs and its impact on our world experience. Society will change, and the changes will impact all of us. What will happen? How do we all live in this changing society of family, work, neighborhood, and the broad community of possible hostility and increased tension?

Risk Management

This is one of the surprises of the future world. Things that were traditionally there to serve and protect us are becoming our enemies, and they are the biggest threat to our safety and well- being. Knowing this is imperative.

Be a Leader and
Follow a Leader

Leadership is one of the most daunting future challenges. We are all witness to the fact that the world ran into a leadership crisis. How did this happen, and what can I, as an individual, do to turn the tide for the better? This is a function of leaders who can’t adapt to a changing world.

Top Technologies
for Everyday

Most useful technologies for everyday life and how to use them. The active use of new technologies has more benefits than just the value it delivers. It creates a habit!

These workshops are either face-to-face sessions at Colab

in Menlyn Maine, Pretoria, or online via Zoom. The sessions will include discussions

and the voice of the smartest Artificial Intelligent (AI) Systems will be

consulted during all the work sessions. AI systems will be co-facilitators

and participants in these sessions. This will be be more than just an adventure.

Cost: Face-to-face: R1500.00 per session

Online R1000.00 per session

(All prices are exclusive of VAT)

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